Between short form and long form there's Happy Medium. Accessible improv to put a smile on your face!

Happy medium improv was created from the idea to design a show that non-improvisers would enjoy just as much as improvisers. By combining the participation of short form games with more character based long form, everyone can feel like they are "in on" what's happening on stage and most importantly have a great time!

The participants formed out of Endgames Improv school and community. They consist of Darlene Bereznicki (medium mild), Jonni Treviranus (mixed medium), Alison Bartow (medium medium), Alexis Gay (size medium), Pete Reo (schmedium), Shiva Kilaru (medium rare), Rob Klein (medium thicc), and Judith Friedman (interstellar medium). 


Alexis Gay

Alexis moved to San Francisco over two years ago to pursue a lifelong dream of being someone whose whole personality is that they used to live in New York City. In that regard, she is crushing it. In addition to performing with Happy Medium, Alexis wears a blazer to work almost every day at Patreon. She also does standup comedy and makes YouTube videos (YouTube.com/AlexisGay)

Alison Bartow

Daughter of Hecate, Alison Bartow (Medium Medium), enjoys using her powers of divination to conjure laughs in improv and on her comedy podcast, “Actually Pretty Typical”. She has been practicing in the performing arts since she was 10 years old. 


Shiva Kilaru

enterprise software developer


Judith Friedman

Growing up in sunny Southern California, Judith found improv 7 years ago and has never looked back.  She's done intensives with IO Chicago, the Annoyance, and UCB and continues her comedic journey with Happy Medium.  Outside of improv, she is a huge nerd and will talk video games or physics with you on end.

Pete Reo

Always looking suave, Pete "schmedium" Reo, learned at a young age how to use illusuion to make himself appear larger. Whether its his high hair, a fitted blazer, or his, what he believes, normal sized eyebrows Schmedium will use physicality and bold characters to make you laugh

Rob Klein

Rob grew up in Piedmont, California, but he'll lie and tell you he's from Oakland to appear more cultured. He has been doing improv for 3 years, and demanding to be the center of attention for 26+. Loves include his parents, Mission-style burritos, and his Irish Terrier, Finn.

Darlene Bereznicki

Darlene's grandmother once said "well, you've always been different" and she took that as a prophecy. She has been improv and comedy-ing in the Bay Area since she landed and terrorizing her friends and family since the beginning of time. If not on stage, she's surfing or watching the office.

Jonni Treviranus

One of the kindest souls in comedy. When they're not working on their beverage related space work, they are most likely brushing up on game theory, playing poker, not writing their own improv bio, or explaining the merits of Netrunner.